Long Distance Valentines

There were two queen size beds in the hotel room; they slept in one. Talked about old times, where they were this time last year, break-ups and make-ups; whatever happened to that cat?

The love between them never wavered. There were times when maybe they loved each other too much; midnight phone calls, bus rides ‘cross state at the last minute, spending money when there wasn’t any; common sense never applied.

Like the time she drove in a snowstorm to see him. Twelve inches fell, she drove slow in the right lane the whole time till she got to his place. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. He’d run his hands through her blonde hair, she kissed him madly. The two walked hand in hand.

Then it was time to go back. Back to reality; he lived here and she lived there. He’d text her sweet messages in the morning. She responded with messages too. Till next time, she said. Till next time. He’d save those messages for rainy days. Look at them and say, Good night my love. Good night. My heart is always close by.

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