He’d traveled going south through Ohio and into Kentucky in a ’67 Dodge Dart that he bought from a priest for $500. Had less than a hundred thousand on it, he wanted to see how far he could take it.

Wanted to wind up in New Orleans. Go down there and see about getting a job on a oil rig. He’d had enough of driving all over and not staying in places. Seems like he’d get a job, hold on to it for a little while, then just take off; take off like some hawk looking for prey; girls and booze.

The years were starting to grow on him. They might not hire me ’cause I’m too old, he thought. Just might take a pass on these forty-five year old bones, then he began singing Honky Tonk Women along with the radio.

He drove throughout the night. Got her up to seventy-five through Tennessee and on into Mississippi where the night air was warm coming off the Gulf. He could smell money in the air. Leading him to New Orleans. He pulled over on the side of the road as soon as he crossed into Louisiana. Took in a deep breath. Lord be, he said. I am home.

And, as morning broke, his eyes glazed red as the sun, It dawned on him, You’re finally gonna settle down. Finally, and he sang out Rough And Rowdy Ways.

Two months later, he hit the road again. Lord, help a man that can’t settle down.

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