Guiding Star

He talked to her on the phone as he drove through New Mexico at night; red clay mountains making it darker; a star guided him.

She spoke of old times; memories from a past that wasn’t perfect; he wasn’t perfect. The brunette sat at the mirror, looking at herself as they talked.

Do you remember the first time you cheated on me?, she asked as she lit a cigarette.

Now why you gotta bring that up?, he turned the radio down.

What was her name? Sarah? Six months behind my back, she laughed as she adjusted her G-string. She was a tall blonde, as I recall. Didn’t she do some modeling? You used to come home late. I knew. I knew.

Yep. And, I tried to hide it from you. As best I could. I was in love. Thought I was in love.

And, the second was some redhead you met at a truck stop. Where was she heading to?

Amarillo. Don’t know why I told you ’bout her. Guilt I guess.

There was a silence between them. He could hear music in the background. Could see her plain as day through the windshield of his truck. It was her; floating in the midnight sky. It was an optical illusion. She was dancing under that star.

I gotta go, she said. And, don’t call me no more.

How’s the boy? Does he ask ’bout me?

Uh huh. But, that’s done with. He’ll never know you.

You take care of yourself.

This voice boomed in the background, Now stepping up to stage three is Rhonda. Everybody, give it up for Rhonda.

He kept looking at that star.

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