The chainsaw kept going all day long. Cutting tree limbs up and down the boulevard. Placing them in a wood chipper attached to a truck. Neighborhood improvements, the city called it. Another boy got shot last night; priorities.

Kids played in the park up until dusk. They knew when to go home; knew when momma would have dinner ready. They swung on swings and slid on slides covered in graffiti. Broken glass lay on the concrete basketball court. Sneakers hung over wires. Someone gave up long ago.

And, there was a house on the corner all boarded up. People came and went throughout the night. Never made a sound. Zombies getting their fix.

Over in Hyde Park the cops cruised through the neighborhoods on an hourly basis. Streets were safe. No gang signs, nor painted property. The university was well policed; mom’s and dad’s money was protected; priorities.

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