An Easier Time

There was a fire out on 30 that night. The woods were a flame. The whole community came out to watch. Mothers holding babies, dads with beer cans in their hands; volunteer fire department tried their best to put it out. It took hours.

And, there was this smell of burning pines, oak, cherry wood throughout the town. Dark clouds of gray rolled over.

It was one o’clock in the morning. Cars were parked on lawns. Fire hoses stretched ‘cross the street. Dogs barked; chasing cats up trees. The kids stood there in amazement; looking at the sea of orange. Little boys pretended they were fire men. Girls stood by and held onto the hem of their mothers garments. Swaying their night dress back and forth in the cool autumn breeze.

Soon, women made sandwiches for the men and pitchers of lemonade. A pot of coffee was put on. People talked about old times. About neighbors who had moved, or, passed away. They spoke about church on Sunday. Words from the King James Bible rolled off their tongues. And, they prayed.

Finally the fire died down. A blackness covered the trees as the morning sun cracked through. See ya tomorrow, they’d all laugh. A whole community of kids called in sick. They went to sleep with smiles on their faces. Happy to get a free day off from school.

Folks slept during the day. The sounds of chain saws filled the air. Trucks rolling in and out. On-lookers drove by slowly.

Memories from childhood. An easier time.

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