A Picture

Did you see him?

Yes, I saw him.

What did he say?

Nothing. He sat there in silence. Didn’t even look at me. Stared at the wall the whole time; a painting. Some barn on a farm. He just looked at it. Didn’t acknowledge me at all, Pete took a swig of beer. He can’t go on like this forever, he said. He can’t.

No, no. He mustn’t. What does Emma want to do?

What choices has she got? She made the right decision.

Yes, yes, yes. I see that. She could no longer watch him. It was killing her. The day in and the day out with it all. The mess he would make.

Oh I know. I know.

Will he ever come around again?

No. He’s done. Just sits there in silence. Looking at a picture. Not a word.


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