Electrical wires running over fields and highways. Two lane blacktop taking him to Chicago. He hadn’t been there in years. Left a long time ago when the wife left him. The city had changed. He had changed.

It was all about money. Always about money. Not being able to pay rent, bills piling up, always behind. He was never in the clear.

One night he got really drunk. Polished off a bottle of whiskey and a few beers. Vowed to change his life forever. Drunken promises. He took all his bills and placed them in the ashtray. Took his Zippo and watched his burdens burn. Blue and yellow flames blistering shreds of paper with dollars on them; amounts. He just looked on. Laughing. Laughing ’cause it was so sad. This is what his life had come to. He thought.

He just quit. Took off on a Greyhound to Denver. No money on him to speak of. No assets with his name attached. He disappeared. Worked odd jobs. Slept in shelters. Showered at the gym. Did this for awhile. Hoping for nothing. Wanting nothing.

And now on a gray day the old man headed east. Going back to Chicago. Wanting to see it one last time. But, that would never happen; his city had disappeared as well.

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