The blinds were closed. He looked at the world through lines. Outside, birds were chirping, singing a song. He could hear em, but, was scared to open the shades and take a look. He was frightened of what was out there.

Long ago he used to roam the country. He’d travel to various parts of the United States; Maine to California. Never made it to Hawaii or Alaska. Wanted to. He’d read that they were magnificent places, Hawaii with its lush green and volcanoes, the ocean. And Alaska with its mountains and wildlife; he longed to see a bear.

He kept looking at the traffic go by through the tiny slits. Heard the train coming through town. What’re people doing? he asked. What’re they doing? he took a drink of coffee.

Eventually he’d have to go outside. Hadn’t been out in a month. He needed things; coffee, cigarettes, peanut butter, eggs, bread; he took notes.

The old man noticed there was no one walking on the sidewalks. Nor were there any kids playing. Just some cars going by. Had the rapture come and I missed it? he thought. Gotta step out sooner or later, he said. Gotta do it.

And so he walked outside and looked up at the sun. Looked at the clouds. Took off his mask. It wasn’t going to be such a bad day after all.

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