Here’s To The Road

The bison ran by the side of the road; penned in; running, just running. Parts of their winter coats still stuck to the sides of the animals; half skin, spots of fur. They drove along 41 looking at them. Fenced in animals. He wondered what that was like.

There was very little conversation between them. He’d look over at her every once in a while. She still looked the same as when they’d started out on the road years ago. Still had that same smile, same sparkling green eyes. He liked to run his rough hand through her blonde hair while he was driving. Gave him hope. Hope that she would never leave him like the one did and the one before her. This was his wish.

He worked odd jobs and they stayed in shelters while criss crossing America. Most of the shelters were of the religious kind. They had to attend service in order to have a bed that night; separate beds; they weren’t married. That didn’t stop em though. On cool autumn days they’d park the truck under leaves of gold and red. They held onto each other tightly till it was time to head off to church; didn’t want to, but, they did.

They always left town when they had $300 saved up. Drove that Ford out West. They’d seen enough of the East. It didn’t matter. Long as they were together. That’s the way they looked at it.

Here’s to the road.

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