Happy Anniversary

The spell was cast long ago. He didn’t know what hit him. Amongst drunks in a crowded tavern, the two of them met. Seated side by side at the bar, the two of them made small talk while a Van Morrison song blared from the juke box. Talk like, where you from? and, whatcha drinking? oozed from the side of his crooked mouth while she just sat there stirring her drink. At times men would come between them to order a beer. But, no one tried to interfere. Folks could tell by their eyes, the way they were locked in on each other, that these kids were in for the long haul.

You like the old songs? he asked her. The ones our moms and dads listened to? she smiled, took another drink, nodded her blonde head. I grew up on that stuff, he laughed. Still like it better than what’s out there today. What can I say? My parents brainwashed me, they both laughed, he moved in closer.

You’re from Van Wert?

Yes ma’am.

What’re you doing over here in New Haven? she asked.

Well, he adjusted his cap, I got a notion to come this way this evening. Something in the air was pulling me. It was as if I was being pushed and pulled towards you, but, I didn’t know it. It was subliminal. Maybe a ghost from the past. Our past. Kept telling me to come this way, he placed his arm around her back and held onto her hip.

There ain’t no ghost, she whispered.

You don’t believe that story?

Nope, she pulled on him to come closer; face to face. She kissed him and then let go.

What’s your name?


I’m Jimmy. That was our first kiss. Right here in this bar. Yessir. Won’t be our last.

I spose not. I spose not.

Happy Anniversary.

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