He kept seeing a twinkling light in the sky; like the one that led the wise men to Jesus. It glowed brilliantly, shining throughout the night. Leading him down 41 towards Tere Haute, Evansville, southern Indiana.

This light, a star perhaps, was his traveling companion, that and the radio tuned to a old time rock and roll station. Old hits played throughout the night; Buddy Holly, Bill Hailey, Beach Boys; he sang along to em all. He knew the words. He knew the music.

And he’d pray some too. Pray up at that shining object in the southern sky. His prayers were simple; asking God for deliverance; something he’d wanted his whole life.

Soon the old man would be in Kentucky with the sweet smell of farmland ’round him. He’d see the sun come up, replacing that star. He knew his way now. His way home. He’d been delivered. And for that he was grateful.

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