He sat there looking at pictures. Old pictures. Photographs of people he knew when. A young woman now a grandmother. Some boy who grew up to be a law man. And others he’d lost track of.

There was a rumor that this one kid was wandering around in New Mexico, or Arizona. He was trying to find himself through some Indian mysticism. Hung out with Shamans and squaws. Got this one girl pregnant. That was the end of his wanderings.

He settled down in some trailer park out southwest, New Mexico ,or, Arizona, it’s all the same. No one was able to find him. Some gal said she saw him one night out in a bar raising hell. Drinking shots. Buying rounds. She said the Indian woman looked beat up. Like she’d been punched and pushed a few times. She said she thought it was him. Wasn’t sure.

Another fellow said he saw him up in the mountains working as a guide. He had long gray hair and wrinkles from the sun. Said he did his work on horseback. Legs were bow.

Again, that was New Mexico or Arizona. Couldn’t tell you. Somewhere out southwest.

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