There was a hum throughout the house. Might have been the air conditioner kicking in. Maybe the hot water heater that needed replaced. Perhaps it was nothing. Just his imagination. The mind can wander.

He sat on the couch in the early morning hours. Smoked a cigarette and sipped coffee. The lights were out. Just sat in the dark waiting for the morning sun to come up. It’d take awhile. The coffee was cold; left in the pot the day before. He felt comfortable.

The dark. He always liked the dark. Ever since he was a kid. Most children want a night light. He just wanted it dark. He could hear a current going through the house. It sounded like a high beam of sound. It ran through one ear and out the other. Rolled his neck. Listened to the bones popping. He smiled. Soon they’ll be here, he whispered. Soon.

This was the morning when there would be no bus to catch. No days marked off a calendar. No more office gossip. No numbers to add. This was the day all would stop. He laughed. These will be my days. Sitting in the dark. Waiting for no one. But, always hoping for someone, he sipped more cold coffee. Is this out to pasture? shook his head. He then pulled open the table drawer in front of him and unloaded the gun inside of it. All bullets were gone. The sun shined now. And, he was ready for bed.

Happy retirement.

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