You pay for it eventually, he said. All the lies told, money stolen, women used, it’ll come round to haunt you some day, the old man drank from his pint glass.

You might go to Heaven cause of God’s grace, his shedding of blood on Calvary, then again, you might not, he felt his mustache. You ever think bout stuff like that? he asked the young man sitting next to him, eyeing each woman as they came in the bar. Said, you ever think bout that? the young man shook his head.

Better. The apocalypse is on. Four horsemen ridin’ in the sky. The devil let loose here on earth. Preachers preachin’ lies, you won’t know who to trust, old man took another swig of beer.

And then God will make his judgment upon us all. That’s what The Bible says. Judgment on us all. You either believe or you don’t, he then lit a Marlboro. Do you believe? the young man looked at him.

I believe I’m gonna get laid tonight, he said. That’s what I believe.

The old man was silent. Quiet as a church bell throughout the night. He shook his head. Said, Boy you got no fear do ya? This earth will be gone one day. You’ll pay, I’ll pay, we’ll all pay. Guarantee.

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