These nights. They last forever. Go to bed at 9 and wake up ’round 1. And for what? a slow leaking piss.

Nothing feels complete anymore. Bottles of medications lined up like soldiers on the nightstand. A lamps lit light shines down on them. Three pills for mental health, a pill for cholesterol,thyroid, blood pressure. Not as fit as you used to be old champ. A work in constant progress. Always breaking down.

This night air is thick. Muggy. The pillow is soaked in sweat. Wet, wet, wet. No sheets, no blanket. Laying there naked. Running a hand through greasy hair. The garbage needs to be taken out.

And, it is silent. Just heat. There are no gun shots, nor fireworks. No dogs barking, or, cars racing in the streets. Dew races down the forehead. It’s just heat. A silent heat. That’ll make you crazy. The current climate is absurd. Yet, I lay here waiting; waiting for the fall.

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