There was no sound. He sat there quietly, listening to nothing. Thoughts ran through his head. Memories. Past sins. A cat purred on his lap.

She said she was innocent. Or, was that how she came across; going to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. She sang in the choir. Went to Bible study on Friday evenings. Always brought a casserole.

He never spoke to her. The two of em just kind of looked at each other not knowing what to say. They were young back then. Shyness got the best of em.

The young man began having dreams about her. Dreams where they were walking in the woods, holding each other’s hand, but, not a word between em. It was like watching a black and white silent movie. Except their lips didn’t move. There were no words on the screen. Just silence. Until she went away.

The old man never loved anyone. Stopped going to church. He stuck to himself. Sitting in a chair with a cat on his lap; purring. Thinking of past sins. Memories.

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