He stood in the hallway. Watched her every move. Saw her in the kitchen fixing coffee, adding cream to it. Looked-on as she sliced an apple. Peered in on her while she ate it one bite at a time.

She didn’t love him anymore. He could tell by the way she slept on her side of the bed. Always got up before him. Dressed immediately.

It just happened. These actions. The way she no longer looked at him. Didn’t talk anymore. They were two roommates that wanted desperately out of a lease.

And sometimes he heard her on the phone. Talking about going to Sweden, or, maybe Copenhagen. Perhaps Hawaii. Anywhere to get away from him.

He stood in the hallway. Watched her every move. Oh how he wanted to oblige.

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The writing is based on my surroundings and what I've been surrounded by. This language is coarse and politically incorrect; which I make no apologies for. These characters are not nice and to use any other dialogue would be disingenuine. That being said, I choose to roll the dice. dm seay

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