She Waited

She waited for him. Outside the laundromat at three in the morning; she waited. He said he’d be there. Her clothes were packed. She sat on her duffel bag. And, waited.

He was ‘cross town in a bar. Talking it up. Listening to Hank Williams. Pool was shot in the back. He’d dominated all night long. Collected $200 from fools and strangers. It was enough for one night.

The pickup was on E. A twenty-four hour gas station was just up the road a bit. He decided that night not to pay. Decided to get paid instead.

The kid behind the register never saw it coming. He’d heard about gas stations and liquor stores in the area being robbed. But, there was never any blood.

I’ll take a box of Camels, a Mr. Goodbar, and hand over the money, he said, holding a gun. I said, hand over the money, the clerk opened the drawer. Started handing over the money. Tens,twenties, fives, a few single bills. You’re taking too long, the pool shark said. And then, he shot him. Put a bullet right in his forehead. Blood went everywhere. The kid lay there in a pool of it. He took the cash and left.

She was beginning to curse his name. Maybe he ditched me, she thought. Perhaps I just wasn’t his type, the girl said in-between puffs on a cigarette. Why would he tell me something and then not come through,? she checked her phone again. No calls. She began looking at Facebook. Funny, he wouldn’t friend me.

They met that morning in the cafe where the blonde worked as a waitress. She poured coffee at the counter. Everyone knew her name; Sally. Everyone knew she was looking for adventure. Young girl like that. Best keep your eye on em.

Bobby said he’d take her away from all this. Said he was heading out to Idaho. It all sounded exotic to her. A road trip with a good looking man she’d just seen for the first time. He was different than the boys at her high school. The tall stranger was confident in his ways. Talked a good game. So, she waited. Waited for him all night long. Waited till the sun came up. He was long gone.

That night she saw a picture of Bobby on the local news. Folks at the diner looked on in horror as they showed him shoot and leave the scene. But Sally. She just laughed. Said, that figures. Can’t trust no one.

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