Going My Way

They sat across from each other in the bus station. Vagabonds walked between them. So did young runaways. Black men listening to beats strolled past as well. Young women carrying guitar cases; wearing cowboy boots and short dresses. They were fresh off the Greyhound. Ready to make it big in Music City. But, these two, a young man and a young woman, just sat there looking at each other. Not a word was said.

She was catching a connection to Cincinnati while he simply had no place to go. His money was all spent. Most of his green went towards the bus ticket. The rest of it was squandered on fast food and beer. He wondered what her game was. The blonde with the blue eyes tried to guess what his next move would be. She looked him up and down. He wasn’t anything like her ex-husband. This guy was tall and had a full head of brown hair. His eyes matched. And lanky. Looked like he could use some meat on them bones.

He decided to stretch out on the row of hard plastic seats. Catch some shut eye. She kept looking at him. He was fast asleep, snoring and whispering words of heart ache. He had been tossed to the side as well.

The young woman decided to sit next to him. She lifted his head and put it in her lap. He smiled.

Two strangers getting acquainted. And, neither felt alone anymore.

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