Pay For Sins

It was early morning when he saw her there. She knew he left his house at five each day. Fifteen after at the latest. He walked out to his truck in the gravel driveway with grass growing down the middle and there she was, looking just like he’d seen her before; blonde hair laying over her shoulders, red lipstick, jeans and cowboy boots. She was a tall drink of water. She towered over most men, but, not him. Maybe that was the attraction?

He asked what she was doing there? Asked if she had lost her mind? She stood in front of the driver’s door. Saying crazy things. Like, she wouldn’t be denied. And, they were meant for each other. He tried to block her from view. Stood in front of her. Hoped that his wife had gone back to bed. He saw the kitchen light go out.

She asked him if this was what he wanted? Some suburban house with a boring wife and a could’ve had life? Always looking back in regret? He told her to move out of the way. Said he’d be late to work. She just laughed. Tilted her head back and just cackled.

Come with me, she said. Come spend the day with me. She ran her finger over his mouth. He grabbed it. Threw it down beside her. Backed away. Now, don’t be that way, she flirted. You weren’t like that the other night when we met. No, you were sweet and charming. You were full of love. Now, what’s the matter?

I’m giving you five seconds to step away from my truck, he said. Want me to count it off for ya, he said in a whisper. He reached down into his jeans and pulled out a gun. Pointed it right at her. I mean business, he raised his voice. Five…four…three…two…one…A shot rang out. The bullet flew right over her left shoulder. A warning shot. She began to walk towards him.

Now don’t be that way, she scoffed. I just want to spend some time with ya, she placed her hand on the pistol. Come on now, she placed the other hand inside his pants. The blonde had confiscated the gun. He gave in. Like taking candy from a baby.

She held the gun to his head. You and me are gonna take a little ride, she told him. Get in your truck and do what I say, the woman demanded. He did as he was told. Two doors slammed shut. The porch light came on.

His wife stood behind the screen door watching as they drove away. She never saw him again.

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