Where Are You Holden Caufield?

Boxes. He looked in boxes for a book, The Catcher in the Rye. His hero Holden Caufield was hiding; didn’t want to be found. Just like Salinger. Hiding.

The old man went through box after box. Kerouac, Melville, Malmud, Mamet, Shepard, a book of poetry by Dylan, but, no Catcher. He had a lot of books at one time. At least three hundred. Had a lot of jazz albums too. All of it was sold after the divorce. He just drove around America with a few clothes and a copy of Leaves Of Grass. Whitman got him through.

The last time he read Salinger was in college. Got hooked on Ten Stories by J.D. Read the book over and over again. Made him think; ponder. For a year he carried it with him everywhere. Read it in the park, down by the lake, in coffee shops, in his basement. It’s what led him to Holden.

And now he was just an old man trying to experience youth one more time. Where are you Holden Caufield? Where are you?

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