The End Is Soon

The room was white. Red and blue graffiti spelled out letters oblong; THE END IS SOON, on all four walls. A light from a dangling bulb casted shadows.

There were two bodies lying on the shag carpet floor. Some color of shit brown. It was a man and a woman, middle aged, naked. They were beside one another. Looked like his hand was reaching out to her. The lady’s legs were spread apart.

Gunshots, bullets leaving a gash on both victims were in the back of the head. Looked like execution style. Their clothes were wadded up in the corner. Traces of blood appeared on them. Specks of blood were all over the room. Looked like a sawed off shotgun did the trick. The blood was dried on the back of the necks and all over. A real mess.

The coroner guessed the shootings took place a week ago by the way the bodies were smelling, changes of color. An educated guess. There was a fly that kept landing on her nose. Outside you could hear hawks circling the house.

As the officials cars came on the scene, a group of pedestrians tried to get a look inside. It was a small ranch style home next to another ranch style home. Everything was in tact. No busted windows, the locks were not broken. Someone opened the door for the shooter. Maybe a family member, a friend, someone they knew. Probably never saw it coming. Phone lines were cut.

Not many homicides took place in this small town. Never was there a shooting let alone a double. The cops tried to piece it together. Didn’t appear to be anything stolen. A room that was bare with spray painted walls saying , THE END IS SOON. Police didn’t know what to make of it.

Neighbors said they kept to themselves. Real quiet people. Never left the house. Both on disability. There was a ramp on the back door. No, the neighbor fellow said. They just kept to themselves, he lit a cigarette. Hope that helps, he told them. It didn’t.

Weeks passed then months. There was no solving the case. Maybe it was a door to door Bible salesman. Maybe a vagabond. The cops didn’t know. THE END IS SOON. Yes it is.

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