The sensitive kind. She had feelings. Most women do. Her’s was close to the skin. Like a raw nerve twitching involuntarily. Something she couldn’t control. She’d break down crying when she heard some silly song on the radio. The young woman would get angry when love didn’t go her way; disagreements.

The redhead was up and down. One minute she’d be calm as a summer breeze. Then the girl would turn on you. Call you names you’d never heard before. At least you’d never hear em from a woman.

One night she got really crazy. Stood outside in the front yard naked, throwing rocks at his truck, picking up pieces of brick. And she was yelling. Saying she couldn’t trust men. Saying the opposite sex was no good. She’d done this several times. He always came back for more.

The young man loved her. Despite all her tantrums and carrying on. He loved her. But, he was dying inside. Couldn’t take it anymore. Decided he’d leave her. Just abandon her.

So, without saying a word, he left. Just poof. Gone. In a matter of minutes he was on the highway heading out of town. He felt free. Felt sad as well. Sad that his love was over.

He drove into the night. His phone kept ringing. It was her. Leaving all kinds of desperate messages. Then the voice-mails got angry. She was threatening to kill him if he didn’t turn around. Said she’d find him. Slit his throat.

The kid pulled his truck over on the shoulder. Threw his phone down. Started hitting the steering wheel with both hands. He knew he’d never be done with her. Just knew it. Turned the truck around.

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