He was never sure. How can you be? Trying your best isn’t always a sure bet. There’s obstacles. Something to be said for coming in second. Too much pressure on first prize. All his trophies were runners up. Second to the best. He’d always be one of the groomsmen never the groom.

And she knew this about him. Some said she settled. Could’ve done better if she’d just hung in there. She knew it. He knew it. The whole town knew it. Her patience wore thin. Went with the cowboy. The Saturday night special. She thought she could change him. They all think that.

It was hard when the truth came out. No love between em. Just two people who got lonely and took the next in line. They’d had their hearts broken before. They wanted low risk. Little investment. Just someone to keep em warm at night. Guess they were no different than most couples. America breeds mediocrity.

Today he buried her. After thirty-two years of marriage and two kids, she was gone. He did not cry at the funeral. Looked relieved. Finally. The contract was over.

The kids were upset. They knew. They always knew. That there was no love. Just two people playing house.

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