Mystery Solved

He woke up from a dream. She was in it again. Same dream every night. Some brunette beauty dressed in white calling for him. Wanting the old man to come with her to some secret island where it’d be just the two of em.

Each night he’d get closer and closer to going with her. And then he’d wake up. Always in a cold sweat. Always crying out for a nurse.

She came to me again, he told the attendant. She looked right at me, the patient said, And told me to come with her, the young lady nodded her head. One of these days I’m gonna go with her.

You aren’t going anywhere, she adjusted his bed. Not on my watch, she said. Never had one die on me yet, she knocked three times on his linoleum counter.

You think someone’s coming to take me?

Shhh. You just rest. Get some sleep. You want the TV on? he shook his head. Alright then. Call if you need me, he nodded.

Again she came to him in his sleep. And he was young. They ran down green hills into streams of crystal blue water. They were lovers. What a way to spend eternity. Finally, mystery solved.

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