He Thinks He’s Santa Claus

What is this thing? Who does it belong to? People leave their trash all over the place. One boy I know travels ‘cross country and leaves items in every state.

He placed a Thermos underneath a grapefruit tree in Arizona. Put a book, Shepard’s True West below a girl’s dorm bed in California. Tucked away a whole salami in Central Park. He thought he’d come back and get em all someday, but, he never did.

Just kept taking Greyhounds everywhere. Dropping more shit off as he traveled on. Left a bunch of underwear in Pennsylvania. Hocked a wedding ring in Ohio. It was white gold. Got a grand for it. That was enough for awhile.

But, this thing. What’d you call it? Rusted. Holes in it. Some kind of saw. Sharp teeth. He must’ve been by. Left it here then went on his way. He does that. He thinks he’s Santa Claus.

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