The Silence Lasted Forever

There was no sound. No cars up and down the street. No garbage trucks making noise. The train was not running through town. It was just quiet.

He stayed up all night long listening to the silence. It did not put him at ease. Nor did it give him peace. The quiet night scared him. Made him think of the disasters to come. War, famine, sickness, people begging in the streets, all of this crossed his mind.

Paranoia got hold of him. The old man couldn’t think straight. He wondered if he was married, had any kids? Didn’t know his age. Thought there were soldiers outside his door.

This eerie feeling of death loomed over him. He thought, maybe it’s time? he whispered. Went back to the bedroom and pulled the drawer open on his nightstand. There it was. A pistol with a bullet inside. He looked at the gun and placed it to his sweaty head. He smiled.

The silence lasted forever.

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