He waited for her at the train station. She was coming from out East. Long trip to the West. It’d been a long time since they’d seen each other. Years had gone by. He wondered if the two would pick up where they left off. An intense love affair that didn’t last long. Both were divorced. They were sowing wild oats.

She picked up the phone one day and called his number. She hoped it hadn’t changed.  Hoped that he had. Sitting in a coffee shop, the middle aged woman reached out to him. A long distance kiss. Told him she thought about him often.  Regretted the affair ending the way it did; sudden.

The older man told her he felt the same. He stood on the back porch smoking a cigarette. Rain was coming down. This old man with a paunch sticking out, said he missed her as he exhaled; crushed out the butt with his cowboy boot. I’ll buy a ticket and come to you, she said. Where are you these days? she asked. As fast as he could he told her. She was on her way to Albuquerque. 

The brunette sat in the bar car staring out at the West Texas red clay. Soon she’d be in New Mexico. She wondered what he looked like these days. Sure, he’d gotten a bit older probably, but, older men are sexy, she thought. It wasn’t fair, she whispered to herself. How men got sexy and women were just discarded. She still could hold her own. But, she had her doubts. She was a little wider in the hips these days. A little extra weight. She blamed her kids. Said she never recovered. 

He hoped he’d recognize her. Remembered running his hands through her thick hair. Thought of how she kissed. They were like two teens. Couldn’t get enough of each other. Then one day she stopped calling. Left him dead in the water. He remembered that too.

The train came into the station at three in the morning. He anxiously looked for her. She saw him first. His jaw. She remembered his jaw. He used to be clean shaven. Now he had a five day beard. She walked towards him. Thinking the whole time, maybe he’ll change. Maybe. And, he thought the same. Maybe this time she’d stick around. He had his doubts.

Some things are best left alone. They did not kiss. A friendly hug was all. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea, he thought. She had her doubts. Were they desperate for each other, or, just somebody? No one wants to admit they’re lonely.

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