Blinds were closed. Sun shined through through cracks. It cast a light on a table his parents gave him. Willed it to him. They died ’bout four years ago. Almost two months apart. She went before him. The old man always said she’d leave him.

He was so resentful towards God when she died. Momma had a long enough life. But, the old man was thinking they’d never die. Thought they’d live up until the rapture. Then be taken away into the heavens. Forever living with Jesus. That’s what they were hoping for.

The old man had dreams about her after she passed on. Scary dreams. Nightmares during the day while he slept in the Lazy-Boy. Would have visions of her in Hell. Burning there for her sins. On fire for crimes they committed. Crimes against God. Crimes against man. Borrowing money and never paying it back to loan companies. Filing for bankruptcy. Unable to hold down a job. Drinking. Gluttony. They both cheated on one another. Said they were still in love.

Preacher told him those sins were forgiven. Said the blood of the lamb covered them. They were saved. The old man wasn’t so sure. Didn’t know if he wanted to go to heaven or not. He chose not to.

A piece of rope was down in the basement. It was long. Long enough to throw over the pipes and tie it off. He made a double knot. Real tight. Pulled and pulled on it to test it out. Lit a cigarette and thought about it. Sat there and just thought about her. If heaven wouldn’t take her, then I didn’t want to go, he whispered. He placed the noose ’round his leathered neck. Took a final drag and stood on the chair. And without a word, he kicked it out from under him. He was Hell bound. Soon he’d be with her, he thought. Burning in the fire. Surrounded by a billion souls screaming out. He’d be home.

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