Quiet. No movement. They stood still. Once you get to this point, no turning back. You can’t just say it was a mistake and let it go, turn around and walk out. You have to see it through. They’d come this far.

No sound. The two were surprised when the sirens were heard outside; coming closer. They looked at each other in the dark. Shined flashlights on one another. Nodded their heads. He knew where the safe was. This was an inside job. Kid had worked at the pawn shop for years. Even knew the combination. Boy was a trusted employee. He was like a son. Kid couldn’t think of that now. Just get the money and run, he thought. Take it, he continued silently. Old jew owes you. Kid walked to the back of the store. Stood in front of the safe. Started moving the dial. Flashlight in mouth. Sweat poured down his black face. A cop car came and went. Driving past the pawn shop. Kid’s partner sighed relief.

They’ll be here soon, he whispered. Partner nodded. Began stuffing bags with engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets. Anything he could get his hands on. He panicked and ran out the door. Leaving Kid behind. Whitey had booked on him. Whitey had always left him in the fix. The safe opened, but, nothing was inside. Clean as a whistle. The old jew took all of it that night. He sensed something wasn’t right. The old man knew he’d been lucky for too long. Three squad cars pulled up in front. There was no place to hide.

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