Journal Entry 5-23-22

I sit here alone. Looking at nature. Green trees. Wild flowers blooming. Tall grass that needs to be cut. Dandelions blown in the wind.

This is peaceful. Humming birds drink sugar water. They fly away with bellies full. Ivy climbs bricks on the house. Weeds are coming up in the gardens. I watch. The sun warms me.

An American flag waves down the street. A “FUCK YOU JOE BIDEN” flag flys beneath it. Kids get on the bus for a last day of school. Dew on grass wets their shoes. Boys and girls with lunch boxes and book bags.

Last night there was a shooting in downtown Chicago. One teen was killed. A curfew has been put in place. Kids must be in by 10 o’clock. Safe in their parents arms. That’ll put a stop to it.

No curfews here in the village. Gunshots are heard in the distance. Away from crowds. Target practice. Bows and arrows used as well. Practice for fall.

And on the river men in jon boats fish for whatever takes bait. Politicians fill television screens with ads. Housewives stay home and watch FOX News. A famous actor suing a former wife. She says he beat her. He doodles on legal pads.

This is America.

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