White Jesus

They’re waiting. All of them. Wanting to see a glimpse of hope. Some kind of miracle. They look for signs. Symbols. A shadow on the wall. In a text that they read. A face in the water. His face. A white Jesus.

They’ve seen pictures of him. Paintings. Colorful images of him nailed to a cross. People down below at his feet. Blue eyes and a beard. A crown of thorns. Images of a white Jesus.

Perhaps they like the baby pictures the most. Wrapped in swaddling clothes. Away in a manger. Paintings of Mary holding him. The three wise men bringing gifts from far away. Following a star. Leading them to the white Jesus.

They’re waiting. Waiting. Looking for the white Jesus. The one they see at Christmas time. On Easter when they celebrate his resurrection. They’re waiting. They’re waiting.

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