A Marriage In Dekalb County

There was never any love between them. Maybe at one time, in the beginning, but it was only a spark.

She was the first to say I love you. He responded by lighting a cigarette and nodding his head. Months later he said I love you too.

A ring was bought at the pawn shop downtown. Wasn’t a real diamond. Fake. Couldn’t afford the real thing. Seemed to be a pattern throughout his life. Not being able to afford things. They both struggled to keep a roof over their heads. A trailer on the south side of town. Out by the truck stop. The sound of semis would put them to sleep at night. Air brakes would wake them up.

Their lives were a routine. Come home after a long day and watch crime shows on television. Shows about murders and kidnappings. Cop shows where men are drug out of their homes at night wearing underwear and saying they were innocent. Baby’s momma crying in the door way.

They’d sit there and watch with a twelve pack between them. He’d drink ten and she would drink two. Then he would pass out in his recliner. She let him be. Another night of sleeping alone. There was no love between them.

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