Journal Entry 06-01-22

There’s no sense in looking off into the distance. You have to live in the here and now. Nobody knows what the future will bring. Could be good . Could be bad. You could live it up today and die tomorrow. Some people. That’s all they plan on is dying tomorrow. Their present day is filled with nothing. Eating and sleeping. Watching television. Going to a job they hate. Some assembly line where they screw in bolts all day long. Or, making Happy Meals for the populas at large.

Very few people get it right. This life. Vacations, summer homes, grand kids, Saturday night cookouts. A cocktail makes the time go faster. To drink and speed through life. Or, perhaps slow it down a bit. Taking time to enjoy. These few. These lucky few.

I look out upon nothing. No sun. Not a cloud nor a blue sky. Staring at cream colored walls. Shut off from the outdoors. Living on coffee and creamer. A slice of wheat bread. No mortadella. Not even a slice of bologna. A spoonful of peanut butter. All resources have been spent. And the walls feel like they’re coming closer. A little too close. I want to push them away, but, they won’t budge. Is it my imagination, or, are they standing still?

Thunder is heard. Soon the sins of many will be washed away. And I wait here inside. Waiting. For what I do not know.

Blinds are drawn. It’s dark in here. And quiet. Very, very quiet. The thunder is timed. It comes and goes every few minutes. Lasting only as long as God allows.

Rain hits the roof. A new noise. It eases the mind. Perhaps this is paradise. As good as it gets. I’m OK with that. I’m OK.

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