They were both quiet. Didn’t look at each other. She stirred her coffee while he looked out the kitchen window. Staring at hummingbirds. Drinking the sweet sugar water he’d put out the day before.

They’re quite amazing aren’t they, the old man said. The way they flutter their wings. Staying in place. It’s like watching a movie, he poured coffee for himself.

What’re you talking about? she asked.

Hummingbirds. I’m talking about the little hummingbirds.

Oh, she paused for a minute. He continued looking outside at the tiny creatures. They fascinate you do they? she sipped from her cup.

Yes. Yes they do. I like them very much. It’s one of my favorite parts of summer. Seeing them. Drinking from water I made for them. They have a sweet tooth, he laughed.

I see.

Silence came back between them. Neither spoke. The hummingbirds flew away.

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