An orange moon was tossed on dark clouds that moved by. They both saw it. The two looked up in the sky and could see the shining ball bouncing, dodging and weaving as a midnight mist came down upon them. Both boy and girl stuck out their tongues to catch the drops of joy that fell. Water for thirsty souls.

Sinners always need cleansing. Scars from misdeeds show on their faces. The guilty can never look innocent. And they pray and pray and pray for forgiveness. They never feel clean. Harm that they’ve done to others haunts them.

She never confessed her sins to anyone. Everyone thought she was pure as gold. But, the beautiful girl was tainted. She tried to get rid of evil thoughts stirring in her mind. It was to no avail. These dreams were persistent; spoke to her in a language only she understood. Secrets eventually kill us.

The boy sat there with her that night. A silence between them. He could tell somthing stirred inside her. Some kind of spell from way back. He asked, Do you have something to say? She shook her head. He asked again, Are you sure? She shook her head again; violently this time. Then she turned away. Started running. Leading him on a chase through the pitch black woods. He was out of breath when she stopped. They both were.

She pointed to the soft ground. Something down there? he asked. She kept pointing. The boy took the heel of his shoe and started kicking in the dirt. Then he got down on his knees and started digging. He dug deep. She kept pointing. Her mouth closed.

He had dug down deep into the earth. Not knowing what he would find. And then he told her, There’s nothing here. Nothing buried here. She smiled. And jumped down in the hole with him. The moon was now hiding. Why? He asked. Why did I dig this hole? The girl grabbed him and kissed his lips. Forcing him to lay down. She undressed and saw that moon glowing again. Then she told him. She confessed.

I’m not what you think, she said. I’m a lost soul. Soon I’ll be gone. My sins are many. But, I’ve enjoyed them all.

Come morning she left him there in the hole. The sun had replaced the moon. She laughed silently. Her deed was done.

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