Seasons Change

Summer is nearly over. Long days will end soon. A harvest moon will rise. That’s what she wanted; a glowing light to lead her on midnight walks through the garden. The girl will find peace there amongst mums of purple, gold, and rust. Kicking through leaf piles. Making that undeniable sound of autumn. But, for now, she waits. She waits.

Now is the time when men play games, she thought. Summer’s heat makes them crazy. Drinking cold beer on August nights in the back of a pickup truck. Shooting off leftover fireworks from the fourth of July. Kissing girls under tall oak trees as stars look down. Only to leave them wanting more, she laughed.

The round freckled ginger girl dreamt of love’s lost ways in her sleep. Like a movie in her head, she watched a romance. A boy taking her hand. Walks down trails. Late night I love you’s whispered on her front door step. The seasons were ready to change.

A dress of lavender laid on the bed. She wore it on the first day of fall. She was warm during days of Indian summer and a coolness came in the evening. She was at peace sitting on her porch swing. Thinking of what the new year would bring.

Just don’t let him be too tall dear Lord, she prayed. I don’t want my feet to leave the ground, she giggled.

And like magic, she turned to the sky and watched seasons change.

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