What’re you looking at? he asked. She continued looking at him. His face, green eyes, brown hair, she took it all in. I said, what’re you looking at? the young man lit a cigarette. You’re watching me huh? Can’t keep your eyes off me, he said. She nodded. Kept on looking at him. I wish you’d stop, he said. Making me nervous, the young woman walked over and ran her long fingers through his curly hair.

It’s been a long time since I really looked at you, she said. Last time I really looked was on our wedding day, she took the cigarette from his fingers and puffed on it then placed it in his mouth.

Is this some kind of ritual? Some kind of voodoo thing? he asked, she continued stroking his hair. The tall blonde stood in front of him and placed his hand on her breast. He smiled. Tell me what you want, he said. Tell me, he kicked off his cowboy boots. She put her finger on his nose and told him, nothing.

I don’t want a thing anymore, she proclaimed, removing his hand from her body. It’s been too long. You haven’t looked at me in the longest of times. And now I look at you and you’re not looking back, she said. I looked into your soul. And there’s nothing there. Just misery, she said. The young woman opened the door and looked outside. A storm was coming. Wind was blowing over trees and trash cans. A hard rain fell. See that? she asked him. That used to turn me on, she said. Remember? Minute a storm hit we’d be in bed. If there was a blackout, all the better, she lit a cigarette, continued watching the storm. Now. Nothing. You don’t even look at me when I walk around here naked. What is it? Why?

He didn’t know what to say. She was right, he thought. I’m done with this. He looked at her briefly. Mumbled, you want a divorce? You wanna end this thing?

There was silence. Neither of them said a word. They avoided each other’s eyes. She nodded her head, yes.

The young man grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and looked. Just looked in her direction. Opened the can with his finger. You want one? he asked her. She quietly said no.

They couldn’t see each other. They stopped looking years ago. Not just him. Her too. There was nothing to say. He turned on the TV and sat in his favorite chair. Flipped through channels. She went to bed. Wide awake throughout the night. She heard the car door shut and the engine start. The woman ran to the window and watched as he backed out of the gravel driveway.

Goodbye she said. Goodbye.

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