Alone Without Being Alone

Neither knew what the other wanted. They used to know. Could read each other’s minds. Tell thoughts without words. They communicated with their eyes. He’d look at her, she at him, and they knew. They just knew.

But, now there was no magic. The old married couple would sit in silence each day. Wondering what the other was thinking. They came close to asking, but, would get distracted; a plane would fly above. Crickets chirped outside. A squirrel running around in the backyard. Their minds would wander. Sometimes forgetting the other was in the room. Sometimes asking themselves, Who is this next to me? The answer was always the same. You can be alone without being alone.

There were old black and white photographs throughout the house. Pictures of when they were younger. She wore a beautiful wedding dress. He looked dashing in his monkey suit. Photos of old cars he used to drive; a ’67 Dart. A yellow Chevy. They asked themselves, Who were these people? What did they do? Were they in love?

And, they sat in silence. Wondering who the other was. Minds turned off. Eyes a million miles away. Souls left years ago. Now, they just waited. For what? They did not know.

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