There’s noise. It’s coming from down the street. Hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. Awakened by hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. Early morning and he was already sweating. No air-conditioner. Windows opened and a warm breeze blows into the rented room. Sheets are soaked. Pillow has salt marks on it. The old man takes a drink of warm beer in a can beside his bed. Vommit is in the trash can.

That noise, he said to the woman beside him. Why must they make that noise? the whore laughed.

I remember when I was a kid in the suburbs. Saturdays those same noises would wake me up. It’s nice, she said. Feels like home.

Autumn will be here soon, the old man scratched his groin. Leaf blowers. Mexicans running leaf blowers, he took another drink of beer. Want some? she shook her head.

How can you drink this early in the morning?

How can I not? he got up and ran water from the faucet in his room. Splashed himself. Used a dirty tee-shirt for a towel. The world is a shit hole, he said. I face it better when I’m drunk. A constant drunk. Never ending, he grinned and then poured water into a small coffee maker. Don’t worry, he said. Salvation is on it’s way, he jumped back into bed and held the woman by the hips from behind. Wrapped his arms ’round her big belly. Started feeling her breasts.

Didn’t you get enough last night? Most guys do it once and then fall asleep.

Not me. No not me, he said. I always have a hard-on. Even in my sleep. It’s always there. It’s like a statue, she laughed.

I wouldn’t go that far, he kissed the back of her neck. You’re the only guy I don’t charge. Does that make us lovers? he held on tighter.

Yes. Yes it does.

I was just wondering, they both smiled.

Life is funny, he said. You never know who you’re gonna wind up with. An artist, a business woman, a stay at home mom, some whore.

What am I?

A business woman, he slapped her on the ass and said, Now go make me some money.

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