In This Place

How long you been here? In this place. This. This place, the two men looked at each other. It’s not good. In fact it’s frightening. Both of us here. Maybe forever. Do you believe in eternity? they looked at each other again. Count to ten and close your eyes. When you open them you’ll still be here. We’ll still be here. Did you see a door? he shook his head. No? Nor did I. Have you ever seen such white? Not a cream colored. Just white. Muy blanco, they both laughed. There’s no food. Where can I find food? the one man looked at him and shrugged his shoulders. How long have you gone without it?

I forgot, he said. It’s been so long. You forget about things like food, comfort, the blanket your grandmother made for you. You forget all that.

I suppose so.

Yes. I had a dream last night about food as a matter of fact. A juicy steak. Porterhouse. With the bone in it. I ate every bit of it.

I thought you said you forget all that.

You still dream.


You just don’t talk about those things. I wouldn’t be talking about it, but, you asked. I don’t long for anything. It was just a dream.

Dreams mean something, he said. It is a wanting. A pure wanting. A desire. You don’t miss anything?

No. I don’t. This is my fate. Our destiny. You’ll accept that. Soon. And one day will be like all the rest. All the same. That’s what you get. That’s what you get. A lifetime of hard work and now this. Maybe I didn’t work hard enough.

What did you do?

Little bit of everything. I moved from job to job. Town to town. Then I wound up here. This place.

I was a….

I don’t want to know what you were. I know what you are now. Here with me. That tells me a lot.

Haven’t the least bit of interest in…

No. I really don’t.

So. We’re stuck here.


In this place.


There was silence between the two men. Neither spoke again. An eternity in silence. In a white room. Sins being atoned for. In this place.

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