He killed a man. Shot him in the back of the neck. Lit his room on fire to hide evidence. All that was left were ashes. Gray and black ashes with smoke coming from them. They used dental records for identification. Bones were placed in bags.

They said he owed money to a lot of people. Always borrowing. Never paying back. Had several folks angry with him. Men, women, kin folk, lovers, landlords, all of them wanted their pay. They were going to get it one way or another. Penalties applied.

The young man moved around a lot. Always leaving people behind. Taking off in the middle of the night. Hoping no one would catch him. Years went by. Never a trace of him. He was like a ghost; invisible to the naked eye. The kid had escaped all his debtors. All except one.

He found him in Ohio. A small town off 30. Found him in a rented room above a bar on Main Street. The young man passed out there every afternoon. Never came out till sunrise. That’s when he found him. In his bed. He didn’t even knock. Just came right in.

You got my money? he asked. Five grand? the young man shook his head. He asked him again. Do you have my money? The young man nodded this time. Pulled out the drawer of his nightstand and grabbed his pistol. Pointed it at the man. Said he meant business. Shot him when he turned around. Twice in the neck. Lit a match and left town. They ain’t found him yet.

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