We need to talk about this, she said. Too many times things go unnoticed. They’re just left alone. Or, buried. Put behind us and then it catches up and there’s anger. Quiet anger, she told him. We just sit here silently. And it’s right here in the room. You see it. I see it…

What’re you talking about? he asked. This 800 pound elephant. I haven’t seen it. I don’t feel it.

You’ve got to, she lit a cigarette. It’s been here for years. I’m suffocating. It’s killing me, the old woman said. It happened and we put it away. Didn’t even discuss it. Is that healthy? No. No it is not, the round woman said. I wanna talk about it. Get it off my chest. You killed our boy, she screamed. You killed him..

Stop it. Just stop. It was an accident. Nothing was done intentionally. I loved him as much as you. You can’t deny that, the balding husband said.

Careless. You were careless. He had no business drinking. You had no business drinking. What were you thinking.

It was supposed to be fun.

Well it didn’t turn out that way did it?

We got in the raft. We went down stream like we’d done a hundred times. The wave came from out of nowhere. It was too much. Too much. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. One day he was alive and then the next…, the dad grabbed a beer from the refrigerator.

I’m tired. I’m worn out. It’s cold in here. I just feel cold, he wrapped a blanket around her. I can’t take it anymore. I just need you to say it was your fault. ‘Cause all these years I’ve been blaming myself. Say it. Say it.

He shook his head. Pushed his glasses up on his nose. Looked at his wife and said, That I cannot do.

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