Don’t force it; don’t push. Let it flow naturally. Take in your surroundings. Be aware of what’s around you. Question it.

Don’t take anything for granted; don’t think it’ll be there a second later. Do it now. Commit to the action. This thing could slip away from you. Grab it.

Don’t sleep on it; write it down in the middle of the night. Keep a note pad by your bed at all times. Take one with you during the day. Keep it in your back pocket with your wallet that has the condom in it; you might get lucky.

Don’t stop in mid thought. Don’t let anybody interupt you. Keep at it. Ignore those that say it’s impossible. You know the truth. Keep on that path.

Soon there’ll be nothing left to write. That’ll be when you’re 92 and sitting in a nursing home waiting for your diaper to be changed. The years go by quickly. Don’t wait.

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