Come On Home

They sat in the hotel room. Bed was made. Some floral design. A Gideons Bible was in the drawer along with an opened condom wrapper. The two sat in chairs facing one another. He turned on the television and set the volume down low. The young man flipped around the channels; talk shows, sitcoms, Law And Order, music videos. She picked up the remote and turned it off. The middle aged woman straddled his legs and placed her finger to his lips. Shhhh, she said, then kissed him.

He ran his fingers through her sandy blonde hair. She kissed him harder. The two of them fumbled their clothes off and jumped into bed; laughing, naked. She pulled the blanket up over them. They laid there till morning.

At seven o’clock the phone rang. Both were scared to pick it up. It kept ringing. They both looked at the phone, wishing it would stop. It did.

Do you think it was him? he asked.

I don’t know. Do you think it was her? The tall blonde got out of bed immediately and got dressed. So did he. Are we overreacting? she lit a cigarette. He drank what was left of white wine in a bottle. They sat in silence while there was a knock on the door.

Patti? You in there? the voice asked. You can’t hide from me. Just come on home and we’ll talk about it, he continued knocking. The two continued looking at each other.

The young man reached over and pulled a knife from his pants. He motioned for her to open the door. She refused. Whispered, Are you out of your mind?

Patti? I hear you. Just come on out, he said. She motioned for him to hide in the bathroom. She opened the door. Her husband said, Come on home girl. Come on home.

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