He heard noises next door throughout the night. Men coming and going. Staying for brief moments of time. Walls were paper thin. He could hear all the action.

She’d tell them to leave money on the nightstand. Some would. Others commenced to hitting her. Beating the woman senseless till she begged them to stop.

He heard leather hitting skin. And muffled voices asking, how much for this? how much for that? Grown men calling out for their mothers. Others cursing up a storm. Calling her every name in the book. Requesting that she wear a blonde wig, or, tie her hair back like their wives. Saying names like, Sandy, Amanda, out loud, any name, but, her’s.

And she had men visit that were kind to her. Asked what she needed. Brought flowers. A bottle of wine. She sounded appreciative. Almost affectionate.

In the afternoons he’d see her walking down the hallway. She always wore dark glasses and they never said hello. She’d just walk to her room and close the door.

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