Phone Calls

He was addicted to his phone. The middle aged man waited and waited for it to ring. Kept looking at it as if he could magically make someone call him. Old girlfriends, former lovers, ex wives, partners in crime, somebody to talk to was his wish. The fat man thought about calling out to someone, but, he had already called too many times; people were tired of hearing from him. It had got to a point where the phone just rang with no answer. Just a buzzing on the other side.

To be alone, he thought. To never hear from anyone. Just sitting here in silence waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring, he whispered. Come on. Ring.

The room had grown dark. The evening sun was gone. Seated in the blackness of night. Wanting to talk to someone. He’d even settle for a salesman. Maybe a foreign voice talking to him about 25% loans, or, a high interest rate credit card. He would like that.

A voice speaking to him. Wanting. He stared at the phone. No one calls after 10. No one ever called him.

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