A red light glowed in the dark. He could hear wind blowing. Dogs barking. Kept looking at the red light. Just a tiny dot. It didn’t move. Stayed still. All around it was pitch black. He couldn’t make out anything. Couldn’t see anything in front of him. Dark.

The old man looked to the right and saw a green light glowing in mid-air. It was hiding behind the blinds in his front room. Then a blue light appeared. Red, green, and blue lights. None of them blinking. Just shining.

He lit a match. The flame was big. It burned brightly. The old man followed the burning stick all over the room. The small lights were coming from outside. He opened the blinds and saw a semi parked across the road. No sound. Just parked there with lights shining. He blew out the match and turned on the lamp. Put his coat on. Walked outside and looked at the truck. He was hauling lumber. A streetlight shined down on the wood. But, those glowing lights in the dark. Could’ve swore it was aliens, he said. Maybe some men from another planet, he shook his head and went back inside. Turned around. The semi was gone.

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