What is it?

Couldn’t tell you.

Some kind of rock. Crystal.

It shines.


Don’t touch it. Let it be. Let it stay there. Shining. The human touch will ruin it. We have oils in our skin. Fingers are always dirty. Leave it for others to admire.

You think it’s a diamond?

Nope. Just a beautiful rock. Actually I’m not sure. I don’t want to put a title on it. The minute you do that the thing loses it’s beauty. Then you’re just stuck with a shiny rock.

I want it.

Can’t have it.


It’s nature.

People take diamonds.

And look what happened there. Blood money. People die over em. Kill for just one precious stone. I won’t have it. Leave it be.

I gotta have it.

Place one finger on it and I’ll shoot you. I’m not joking. I’ll take this gun and fire it into your head.

You feel that strongly about it?

I do.

There was silence. All you could hear was dripping water. The two looked at each other; lanterns lit. The rock shined brighter; a brilliant blue.

It’s just a rock.

Yes. Just a rock.

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