Scene From A Tornado

There’s nothing out there, he said. Nothing is left. It’s all gone. Went with the wind down the road, he took a drink from his cup. Some said they saw scraps of the barn over in Jasper County. And, I also heard parts of the Chevy were tossed over there too, the old man coughed and wheezed. I’m surprised the trailer is still here. Skipped over it. Bounced over it, he told the officer. I got what’s important to me. My home. Few pictures of Marie. Coffee maker, he joked.

We just wanted to check on you, the patrolman said. You’re lucky. Some weren’t so lucky. Took everything they owned, he said.

Every year it happens. You’d think everybody would move away from here, the old man smiled. That’s not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll take off. Go on and get out of here. Some place nice. Like Florida, they both laughed.

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